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Message from the Founder, Mark Hamilton

What would our lives be like if we ran every act of government through the Prime Law? What would change? What kind of world would open up to us? The world has never seen this new dimension of civilization free from initiatory force. What would it be like?

Well, we can find out. Let’s run what is going on daily through the Prime Law and see what happens. Let’s run the news and topics of talk radio through the Prime Law. Let us see what kind of world would open up to us. Would everyone be wealthy, including today’s poor? Would everyone be healthy, including today’s terminally ill? Would America and the world enjoy peace, including today’s war zones? Whereas that sounds like Utopia, would that become our world in the new dimension of no initiatory force with the Prime Law spreading around the world?

Through this crowdsourcing Neothink® Forum, let’s determine what would happen in a Prime-Law America and a Prime-Law World. The people on this exclusive forum have access to my manuscript Wealth, Health & Peace on Earth (subtitled: How To Make Everyone Wealthy, Healthy & Safe on Earth…Including the Poor!) for reference and perspective.

I have discovered that multiple, honest Neothinkers crowdsourcing an idea, a question, a problem generally get down to the fundamentals and ferret out the answer, the solution and solve the problem. This Neothink® Forum, running the news through the Prime Law, will crowdsource and bring out how the world would be — how our lives would be — in a world free of initiatory force.

Everyone here is invited to start any topic, subject, news item, ask any question, bring up any problem…all with the same exercise of crowdsourcing/running it through the Prime Law to get a look inside a Prime-Law World. Let’s look inside that never-before-seen new dimension of civilization to see what it would be like! In there awaits the life we were meant to have.

I will, along with my son Wallace Hamilton, monitor the discussions and ask a thought-provoking question now and then. This Neothink® Forum has become a critically important vision/insight into something that mankind has never known: the next dimension, free from initiatory force. This insight, this vision into that new dimension of civilization will attract more people into the Twelve Visions Party movement to bring the Prime-Law Amendment to America and to the world.

Your role in this historic movement now rises to the highest level, for this Forum shows the world and therefore ushers in the next evolution of mankind. Believe me, that is not hyperbole. The scribe of history will record this Forum’s contribution to bringing about the new dimension of mankind free from initiatory force. Indeed, you play a vital role in our future…our Prime-Law future free from initiatory force, free from poverty, free from disease, free from crime and terror.

For Reference & Perspective see: Wealth, Health & Peace on Earth

A Prime-Law America & A Prime-Law World
Free From Initiatory Force

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